Travel Photographer’s Handbook 3rd edition

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The perfect travel photographer’s companion. Take it on your journey to remind you of all the basics. A vast amount of information for the travel photographer crammed into a compact e-book. Also tips on selecting equipment, photography for less able, safety, workflow, editing, and much, much more.

Takes you from the initial planning and equipment choices through the use of lenses, and how to photograph a variety of subjects. Then come tips on photo composition, use of light, and scientific photography. There are lots on working in challenging conditions, as well as tips on personal and equipment safety. The end of the trip isn’t neglected either. Lots of help on workflow and picture editing. All are presented in easy-to-understand language, concise and precise.

56,000 words in 180 pages of nothing but practical, informative tips and time-savers plus lots of inspiring images.




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