To photograph is to co-create with life ...

It’s easy enough to make a great image; but the tricky bit is knowing what not to photograph.

When you ‘take’ a picture, you only expose the sensor. When you ‘make’ a picture, you intersect your whole life up to that point with a thin slice of the present. 


For NFT work, please visit Wise.Art, ClubRare, MakersPlace, Opensea.

Web 3 Art

Since April 2022, I’ve been working on NFTs and text-to-image generation. To the horror of some of my colleagues. But I’m used to that. I had the same reaction over 20 years ago when I was among the first to dip my toe into digital photography.

But there you go. I’ve been lucky enough to have two big encouragements. First, OpenAi’s DALL-E team gave me artist support in the form of lots of credits to generate thousands of images on DALL-E. Secondly, I was the fortunate recipient of mentoring by Eva Nevraj, then of ClubRare, to ease me into creating NFTs for the phygital market. Thanks to Eva, I am now a creator with ClubRare

Over the last year, I have won entry into highly curated spaces, such as MakersPlace, Wise.Art and at Artrepreneuer. You can also find my NFTs on Opensea and at ClubRare. Please visit: you’ll find lots of lovely work.

Explore My Books

You’ll find my ebooks: compact, concise distillations of my experience and knowledge. Looking, seeing, learning, thinking, remembering.

My favourite is Photo Insights that collects numerous nifty little thoughts about our beloved subject.

Picture Editing collects key and core knowledge for all photographers.

Its companion is Photography Judging – a unique manual for photography judges and photographers who want to succeed in competitions and salons.

Travel Photographer’s Handbook is a dense manual of buying and photo-technique information that many have found more useful than they expected.

The most personal is Ang’s World-1 in that it collects many of my favourite photos with a little back-story to illuminate their internal life.

I also have a few books in print. Check out the usual outlets or here.