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I’m a photographer, author, sharer, mentor, international jurist. I’ve taught in university, presented TV shows and workshops worldwide.

Oh, and I love nature, music, poetry, and history!


Since my first camera in 1972, I’ve illustrated 26 of my books. Also worked as a picture editor, editor, consultant, lecturer and international juror.
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Calling myself a ‘teacher’ or ‘educator’ only under pressure, I’d sooner be a ‘sharer’. I like to share my wide experience, knowledge and even wisdom.
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Do you have a project to complete? An application to make? A book to finish? An exhibition to work on? I can guide, advise, support.
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With thirty-plus titles on the shelves and in digital form, you’d think it was time to slow down. But I still have many projects cooking up very nicely.
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Courses and e-books for you!

Online courses and e-books to help you enrich your photography, elevate your game! Order direct from me for savings.

Photography Judging

Improve your chances when entering photo competitions! Essential for anyone having to judge photography competitions, or just judging your own work.



Practical, indispensable guide to travel photography for your tablet or smartphone. Crammed full of up-to-date information and hot tips from one of photography's leading authors.

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Four Steps To Winning Photography

Transform your photography by training your inner game with easy, short lessons from me. Learn more, do more, photograph better.

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Master your Sony Mirrorless Camera

Workshops in Auckland to help you get the best out of your Sony camera. Soon! Sign up below so we can send you dates.

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Small vision seeks out great things; great vision makes big things out of small things.

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