Editorial photography

From landscapes for walking guides to coverage of the Marco Polo Expedition and a great deal of photography for my books, I’ve been lucky enough to have had many photographs published. I’ve been able to photograph what I want, more or less when I want, and how I want.

And that is mostly to record things exactly as I first saw them.

All images are available as archival-quality giclée prints, unframed or framed. Please contact me for prices.

If I had a ‘favourite’ subject, it would be people. Human beings whose lives intersect with mine for a tiny sliver of space and time. Each image records my relationship with each stranger, so I try to ensure that is one of respect, dignity and at least a little love.
What would editorial photography be without landscapes to give a sense of the land? What, if not to connect us however tenuously, back to the land that gives us life? Editorialised and highly selective though they are, the fact of is that their presentation of the scene counts for much. For me, it’s an act of worship, love and thanks.
If I can’t get close to people, I still like to them to animate the image. ‘Street photography’, ‘candid photography‘… call it what you will, the places would be only vacuums without the life that people bring.
Pictures of buildings and cityscapes do not interest me unless they offer a backdrop or view that illuminates and comments. It is more rewarding to find a new or unconventional way to see the familiar, and to acknowledge the ignored, the overlooked.

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  1. Hey. Yes your photos are the best in the world. I take a wishkey glass and look at your photos. Photos soothe my mind.

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