Photography Judging

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Improve your chances when entering photo competitions! Essential reading for anyone having to judge photography competitions, or just judging your own work.


A practical manual for judging photography in any context. From international competitions, awards and salons to personal projects and educational institutions, it is a unique source of information, and discussion points. This book can inform and help anyone who judges, evaluates, selects or uses photographs.

‘How do you judge a photograph?’

‘What is a good photo?’

“How do I win photo competitions?”

‘How can you spot one great photograph from forty thousand others?’

This book is a long answer to these questions.

Improve your chances when entering photography competitions:


  • key reading and reference material for those who wish to enter their images to photography competitions or concourss.
  • comprehensive handbook for those who have the responsibility to judge photographic entries for awards or prizes.


Unique information you won’t find brought together anywhere else.

Essential handbook for photographers, photo-judges and picture editors.

If you are  a photography judge, this book aims to give you all the information you need to perform your duties with skill, flair, and fairness. With the thousands of competitions, prizes, awards, concourses and tournaments that take place around the world, there is a pressing need for a clear, authoritative manual to guide photo-judges.

Look at the wide-ranging content!

  • Practical matters
  • Essentials
  • How to win prizes in competitions
  • Five Levels of Appreciation
  • Context and norms
  • Technical dimensions
  • Judging image aesthetics
  • Panel sequencing
  • Choosing the winner
  • Image manipulation
  • Visual exercises
  • Scoring systems
  • Competition rules
  • Disqualifications
  • Giving feedback
  • References

Over 150 pages in PDF.

An important work for all photographers.

Only US $19.95


Sample pages

From visual exercises section.


A chapter opener


A page with illustrations (not too many of these)



Page of text, from the Competition rules section.














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