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All the work I show here are from long-form projects. Some have been going for over thirty years, some started only since January 2020. One theme is common to all: in large part I only record what light, life and love offers up.

Working in partnership, and continual awe, of what the day gives me is the core of the process. It is co-creation, and I am only a co-creator.


The very best images are available to order at Artrepreneur.

The ‘Co-CREATION‘ series started with a haphazard messing about in response to the daft – but creatively rich – plandemic lock-downs. All made on a copy stand, allowing petals to lie where they fall from a dying flower arrangement. Allowing all the chaotic but dynamic debris to fall as they will.  Bits from the garden, paper from my hole punch, spray from unreliable spray bottles.
For all the messy origins, the technical quality of the images is very high having been obtained through the extremely sharp Zeiss 50mm f/1.4 recording with pixel shift technology on the Sony A7RM4. This results in images suitable for printing to over 2m wide. Digital tech takes the images much further than they could in real life!
The ‘Colour of White‘ series started with an accidental over-exposure while on holiday in Greece. In the belief that few things happen for no reason, I looked at the images instead of deleting them. I found that, given subjects with limited dynamic range, very generous exposure turned the image from being about the subject to being a representation of light itself. That was quite a revelation that took several years to illuminate me. More than twenty years later, I’m still at it. 


The ‘Steel‘ project is a record of what our steel splash-back sees from its position in the kitchen. One day I noticed that it reflected the passing year – the garden, the trees and their shadows, the sun’s movement. It was usually most interesting in the late afternoon. Its changing face was a reflection of the garden, leaf growth and fall in the trees, cloudiness of the day. And I have to respond very quickly: a few seconds’ delay and the light, the colour, the definition of lines and the mood shifts, never to return.
(All images are rotated 90º from capture.)
Asemic writing is an art form that uses the components of textual writing for its graphic vocabulary. The series ‘Callimages‘ are pen and ink work, some combined with photographic elements. The asemic writing itself may be undecipherable but are my poems, from my 49 Syllables series. A recent development is the combination of the asemic writing with the Co-Creation series in which the base text is the Te Reo Māori text of was to become the Treaty of Waitangi. In these, I am trying ways of expressing the kind of visual confusion that writing and foreign concepts may have created in the minds of those who could not read or write.

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