Photography mentoring

Would you like to be confident of your photography?
Are you going on a once-in-a-lifetime trip and want to make the most of it?
Have you tried everything but never seem to improve as a photographer?

I’d love to help you. It may be more technique you need. It may be more ideas. It may be more encouragement and support.

Whatever it is, we can figure out what you need with a chat. Then we can formulate a plan of talks or mentoring or just suggestions. Whatever you wish is my command!

I’ve been teaching all my life, at every level from Masters to beginners workshops, from one-to-ones to groups of hundreds. I’ve had the great luck to work at many levels and aspects of photography, from editing magazines, running a newspaper picture desk to writing books to judging world-class competitions and copy-writing for photography companies.

All that experience and knowledge will be made — I promise — available to you. Whatever your level of skill or experience, I can help you raise it.

Enjoy photography more! Regain that lost spark! Overcome a hurdle that’s holding you back! Build your confidence if it’s taken a battering!

Write to me at to arrange for us to chat on a GoogleMeet or other online meeting.

Autumn colours, Auckland
oman nizwa travel photo tom ang
Road junction under construction in Oman.

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