Forever a symbol of love and peace, a beautiful flower is harmony incarnate. This series brings together the nostalgia of the Flower Power years with its earth-bound colour palettes with flowers. Indestructible in their beauty, they grant timeless grace to the combinatorial psychedelia of digital colour.

My wife had inspired me to work with flowers and colours of the Sixties. Just to see what it would look like, I just put colour palettes straight over the flowers and played around with layer modes. I was stunned: abstract, but still strongly flower-centric with  great colours. I couldn’t use all the layer modes, so for this series I a lot of time tweaking flowers and colour palettes to work play nicely with each other.

Flowers were generated by DALL-E by OpenAI, then modified to accept colour palettes and masked for backgrounds with roller-paint textures.

Here are some of the gorgeous images you could generate for yourself on Async Art.

Visit the FlowerPower page on AsyncArt to mint your unique flower for only 0.15ETH.

Legendary editions

These are just two of the only five Legendary Editions hidden in the collection. Gorgeously hand-crafted they have been, with custom mode layers and interactions.

Your chance to own these depends on luck and how many NFTs you mint! Good luck!