Introducing Tom

Tom Ang

I appear to be regarded as a leading authority on digital photography. I’m also a photographer, author, sharer (aka educator), TV broadcaster, and traveller. Oh, and I love music, poetry, history, nature and current affairs.


My first camera was a Leica M3 bought in 1972. Since then, I’ve illustrated over 30 of my own books, worked as a picture editor,  editor, consultant and international juror as well as videographer. Now I’m active giving workshops, coaching and mentoring. And swimming in the harbour at every opportunity!
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Having experience at jobs as varied as senior lecturership in photographic practice for under-graduate and post-graduate courses, running a photo magazine, working on international juries, surviving as a photographer … and so on (don’t want to bore you), I have plenty to share. Try me!
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Having supervised dozens of projects, project-managed and completed dozens of my own, I know how to get things done. I can help you complete your book, your exhibition, your grant application. Flexible schemes available to tailor to your needs. My main objective: support you to succeed.
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With thirty-odd titles on the shelves and in digital form, you’d think it was time to hang up the keyboard. But there many eggs in the Golden Goose called’Photography’, many of them virtual, in the shape of e-books. Besides, photography isn’t the only subject that interests me. Wait till I get going on those!
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