Tell us what you wish to learn

We are developing new courses and materials, but would love to learn from you what you need, want or wish  to concentrate on, and what to deliver for you.

So Wendy is looking for people who are interested in being interviewed to find out what you want to see in my work. She’ll work out a time convenient to you for a brief chat.

Here is the original post in Facebook. Send me a message on Facebook if you’d like to take part. Click on the usual Facebook places to comment etc.
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3 Responses to “Tell us what you wish to learn”

  1. John 02/06/2014 at 2:04 AM #

    Love to help out

  2. Zurika Stremmelaar 16/02/2015 at 11:57 PM #

    What I want to learn …..
    is to know what to look for in a photo to make it perfect before I take the picture??

    • Tom 27/02/2015 at 7:21 PM #

      Hi Zurika
      What an excellent question. It’s one that would take a whole course or whole book to cover. Wait a minute! There are books that cover your question. So you’ll have to read the books – like my Digital Photography Essentials
      If you’re looking for a one-sentence answer, sorry, but you’re out of luck. But one observation: you can approach your photography by making so many shots that one of them will be perfect – some great photographers work that way, which means some photographers don’t know for sure that the picture is perfect before they capture it. Or you may try not to run the shutter until you’re sure it’s perfect. Either approach is equally valid. And both are a product of experience. So if there is a simple answer to the question it is: go and make photographs until your brain drops with fatigue. Keep shooting. 10,000 intelligently made, carefully considered. emotionally engaged images later, you will know what makes it perfect! I guarantee!