Workshop in Salzburg 9-11 September

I’m giving a workshop: ‘The Ideal Digital Photo’. 

(Sorry; I had given dates incorrectly in original post: starts on Monday 9 September, not 8.)

I will introduce my building the Image in six steps which are simply logical and practical. We begin with Setup, then step through Place, Light, Action, Frame and Time – these terms understood as action verbs. So it is a scheme for building an image that appears to be linear, but needs to be practised as non-linear. And I will introduce an element that will probably not be expected, which is that the Setup includes preparing oneself, personally.  There’ll be a day of shooting, with me on hand on location.

Then on day three, after the shoot, we will upload images for review. So I will review images selected by the participants, then discuss and demonstrate work-flow methods and demonstrate basic enhancements and image features that make up the ideal digital photo. I will demonstrate on Apple Aperture, but it will all be applicable to Adobe Photoshop Lightroom.

The course is at the Kuratorium für Journalistenausbildung in Salzburg: very comfortable seminar rooms and excellent facilities.

Two years ago I had the good fortune to give the International Foto Summer at KfJ: we had a hilarious time, which I don’t think was the idea, but we hugely enjoyed ourselves.

Apply to KfJ: German-language site (this takes you to the workshop page).

Here are some pictures of lovely Salzburg:




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