Premium Winning Photography Package

Elevate your photography by training your inner game to transform your camera into a powerful creative tool.

  • Is photography more of a struggle than a pleasure for you?
  • How would you like to be confident of getting the best shots in any situation? 
  • Are you going on a once-in-a-lifetime trip and want to make the most of it?
  • Are you entering an award and want to be sure you’re submitting your best possible work?

If you’re frustrated with your photography and long to create more impactful images, this package is for you. It’s all about helping you photograph in more effective, personally satisfying ways. I will help you forge a powerful partnership between your creative energy and the technical capabilities of your camera.

Contact me for a questionnaire to fill in plus full details of the package. When you return the questionnaire, we can schedule  a free consultation.

Joining you with your camera

It’s not about you learning yet more photo-technique. Not about picking up more studio tricks or composition tips or how to script Photoshop Actions.

It’s about implementing fresh, inspiring ways in your photography using future-proof techniques to empower your own creativity.

The unique Premium Winning Photography Package offers truly unmatched content to help you personally, and directly. Crafted for your needs from my years of teaching, photographing and writing at the highest levels, you can’t get it anywhere else. And if you need technical support, you can be sure I’ll give it.

Above all, the Premium Winning Photography Package gives you bespoke one-on-one time with me to up-skill, shape your vision and chart new directions for tangible, visible results.

Contact me for a questionnaire to fill in plus full details of the package. When you return the questionnaire, we can schedule  a free consultation.

A package of transformations

  • Are you a serial attender of workshops?
  • Do you read avidly online and in books about photography?
  • Do you feel disheartened at how  much more there is to learn?
  • Do you find yourself confused by all the options and modes?

I have a solution for you. Developed from my years of teaching and writing at all levels, these methods combine working directly with your own images with fresh methods of harnessing your creative energy.

Join me on a journey to transform your photography from taking to making, from snap shot to great shot, from ho hum to humdinger!

Here’s the package that you’ll be investing in:

  • Starter pack and images assessment: to understand fully where you are, and where you want to go.  I’ll give you a written overall review of a set of up to 20 of your favourite images.
  • Regular photo reviews: detailed reviews and honest critiques of images you send me throughout the course to speed you on your way to improvement. Reviews will be in written form, so you will build a record of feed-back.
  • Regular one-on-one consultations: to discuss progress and help you overcome hurdles and difficulties. Perhaps the most-requested element of any coaching in photography is one-on-one coaching. This you will receive from me.
  • Regular assignments: based on your needs, time available  and level, I will create personalised assignment sheets to inspire you to new heights of achievement. Any technicalities will be explained or I’ll talk you through them.
  • Completion session: so you are not left without support, this looks at what we’ve achieved and sets goals and exercises for future development.
  • Bonus: e-books, workshop recordings … invaluable materials which you can get only from me.

Contact me for a questionnaire to fill in plus full details of the package. When you return the questionnaire, we can schedule  a free consultation.

If you have a specific project, such as applying for an award, qualification or entering a competition over a short time frame, we can fix up project-specific, intensive mentoring.

Some feedback from my recent workshops:

‘I gained exactly the inspiration I needed …’.

‘I took away a lot about having your own voice…’

‘..helped me see a different way … to put an image together.’

Four Steps to Winning Photography

I have launched this unique new course that takes you on a journey from your current level of photography to the next higher levels, all without having to buy new cameras or new lenses, or learn software! This course will be given free to you for signing up for this mentoring package.

Or feel free to start by buying the course now, and I’ll deduct the cost when you proceed with the mentoring.

There are lots of short talks in which I offer you tips and ideas for subtle enhancements of your thinking, feeling and knowing that all lead to improved photography …. and to better living too!

Step 1: Ten proven ways to re-vitalise emotionally and visually

I need to silence those voices of doubt and self-criticism!

I need more challenges; I feel a bit stale!

We work to bring together your inner emotions and vision with the outside mechanisms of camera and photo-technique. I’ll tell you ways to transform your mind-set and unblock self-created obstacles. These strategies are widely known, extensively shown to work.  I offer you ten options – enough choice for you to find at least two or three that will work well for you.

Step 2: Five effective ways to unblock photographic creativity

I want to feel more inventive, creative,

I need to change the way I shoot but don’t know how.

Is this you? Does it make you cry with frustration? I’ve helped numerous photographers find their own personal vision and goal. First I analyse six different scenarios and offer some specific suggestions for each. There follows five strategies which are simple, powerful and that you can use immediately. .. yet you won’t have to buy any new equipment!

Step 3: Four ways to free yourself from techno-fetish

If only I had a better camera and super-fast lens, my portraiture would be great!

My camera isn’t working for me, but I can’t afford the pro cameras.

The most pervasive and damaging myth around is that better equipment makes you a better photographer. That’s OK if it were harmless. But the truth is that believing in the myth may actually make you a worse photographer. I’ll explain why this is, and show you how to free yourself from the seductive but limiting belief.

Step 4: Seriously sharpen your technique in 30 minutes

I know what I want but never seem able to capture the image or feeling.

I need to really know what I’m doing … before I get found out!

Do you feel you’ve tried everything, attended all sorts of workshops yet you never really get any better? Or perhaps you leave workshops feeling less confident than before? I’ve developed some really simple, powerful exercises that dramatically sharpen your basic skills. And they work! I’ve tried them out on workshops and it’s amazing why a little systematic basic work can do. In turn, they will help you put more elaborate techniques to good use!

Contact me for a questionnaire to fill in plus full details of the package. When you return the questionnaire, we can schedule  a free consultation.