Picture Editing – the art of finding the best shot

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Unique, highly practical guide to selecting the best images from any collection. Illustrated examples show you the way. Detailed explanations explain the process. Solid practical advice will help you.



In an age dominated by visual communication – almost all of it which relies on photographs – understanding the picture editing process is vital …

This is a unique book that clearly explains how to find the best photos in your collection. You will learn about setting up, the best strategies and techniques to make the process smooth and painless.

The book gives unique practical examples of selection that explain the thought processes of selecting images.

Suitable for experienced amateurs, this book is full of practical advice gained from 30 years at the forefront of photography.

In this book, Tom shares his knowledge and experience from working as an editor of photography magazines, picture editor on a newspaper magazine, teaching photography at university, giving numerous workshops around the world and judging major competitions such as the Sony World Photography Awards, Hamdan International Photography Award and Wildlife Photographer of the Year. He’s also the photographer and author of over 30 award-winning books on photography, translated into over 20 languages.

What’s in the eBook

  • Chapter 1 The Problems
  • Chapter 2 Practical set up
  • Chapter 3 Workflow that works for you
  • Chapter 4 Speed and accuracy
  • Chapter 5 Selection strategies
  • Chapter 6 Pathways to the best shot
  • Chapter 7 Checklists


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