Auckland Workshop: The Art and Science of Picture Editing

I want to offer you a well-rounded, foundational course that will help you on your way. To help you learn and improve and develop by yourself. You have heaps of resources within yourself to improve your photography. There is no need to attend one workshop after another. It’s about attending the right workshop. I hope to offer this to you.

Tom Ang Academy – 2015/2016 is a series of skill-building photography workshops on a rolling programme.

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What you’ll learn: This workshop concentrates on a much neglected area: what you do after you’ve shot

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Confused about how to tell a good picture from a poor one?

If you don’t know how to make a superb picture, how can you tell when you have a superb picture … or not?

In this amazing workshop, I will show you lots of pictures to learn how great images work.

  •     Composition? Yes.
  •     Timing? Yes.
  •     Use of colours? Yes.
  •     Technique? Sometimes.
  •     Equipment? Mostly not.

But is there some secret ingredient? Something they don’t tell you about in the books?

Yes, a big YES!

It’s a golden thread that runs through all great images. And it’s one you can pick up and run. It takes commitment. It takes hard work (rather a lot). And it takes faith. But it doesn’t fail. Join me to learn the secret to great photography!

In addition to really central ideas, I will take you through the practicals of picture sorting and management. Not a full-blown workshop on Lightroom or Capture One, but I’ll show you the basics and the differences, so you can decide for yourself.

One of the most popular parts of the workshop is the review of work: bring one previously shot picture for review, to add to one shot on the day.

This workshop aims to give you confidence to judge, evaluate and edit your images as well as those of others.

Where and when

27 February 2016  9am, Saturday,  at Sony, 100 Ponsonby Road (Williamson Road entrance), Auckland

How to register

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Bring your camera (DSLR or mirrorless, any brand) a spare USB stick and preferably your own laptop. We’ll also have some of the latest Sony cameras and lenses on hand for you to try out. We’ll provide lunch.

NOTE: you don’t have to be a Sony user. You don’t have to use a SLR camera. These classes can be useful whatever camera or lens you use. All photographers welcome!

The day

9.00  Welcome to Sony (book online first)

9.30 Illustrated talk: ‘Foundations: what makes an image a great one?’

11.00    Q&A

12.00 Shoot about Ponsonby

1.30 Lunch break (for those who want; others carry on shooting)

2.30 Re-convene for picture edit

3.30 Review pictures and feed-back

4.30 Q&A

5.00 Round up


Feed-back from the last workshop:

“Made me think in a whole new way!”

“I look forward to trying out all the techniques you showed us.”

“Learnt A LOT!!”

“I understand now!”

Any questions? Just write to me.

Book here to join us!

Looking forward to working with you all!

HIPA pic in desert small



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