Looking at great photos

Starting now, a little series in which I discuss some of the great photos  featured in ‘Photography – the definitive visual history’. The first one on Doisneau’s marvelous Kiss – the one everyone knows. But not everyone knows the less-than-edifying story of claims on the picture. Check it out:

The second video is on the classic, timeless Mainbocher Corset by Horst P Horst. One thing I didn’t know about this picture until I learnt about it at the excellent show at the Victoria & Albert Museum regards the loose bit of corset on the model’s left. it seemed that the editors thought it was too loose, perhaps risqué even, and it was retouched for publication to fit snug against her body.

This one is about the glorious daguerreotype which was destroyed by a remarkably stupid museum person. Fox Talbot tried to out-do this image with a Talbotype made in Paris, but which serves only to show Daguerre was a far superior artist.

And this is the fascinating story of one of the greatest pictures of all time, a virtuoso piece of photography that was sadly hi-jacked by the photographer himself from one careless remark that he spent the rest of his life regretting. Watch and learn!

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