Prayer flags, Darjeeling. There is something ecstatic about a hill-top full of prayer flags waving away in the clear breeze and sun. I could have spent all day here, but our half hour seemed to zip by in seconds. 15 Aug 2005
I thought a shot from low down, with grass blades in the foreground would look good but I did not want to lie down to frame the shot, so I simply placed the camera on the ground. The result far surpassed what I expected and made me think the camera knew something I didn’t.
Power-lines and roads scar the valley, near the Toktogul Reservoir and hydro-electric dam, in southern Kyrgyzstan. It’s one of the shots that convinced me of the superiority of image-stabilised equipment: it's amazingly sharp considering I was shooting from a car bumping along the dug-up road.
One of the gorgeous evenings for which the Kapiti Coast, on the western seaboard of New Zealand's North Island, is famous. Long forgotten in my files until I had to rummage around looking for images for the current book project.
Valley of the Gods, Utah, in the American Mid West was our favourite valley: not as grand as Monument Valley, but full of evocative land-forms with the slow passage of time etched into them which we could enjoy all by ourselves, with only another vehicle every half hour.
During the renovation of our house, there was one evening when the builder’s lights and new lamps were all on, but various bits of window were not in place, so for a short time the lighting on the garden was magically mixed. I sat the camera on a work-bench and set the self-imter.
On the Marco Polo Expedition, we dashed across Turkey, supposedly to make up for delays in Istanbul. But in fact, the rush was unnecessary, and spoiled our appreciation of the marvellous Turkish landscape, here in a marvellous pass that opens into the North Eastern Anatolian plains.
Winter trees, Palaia, Tuscany. It was only after shooting this - attracted by the rhythm of the white trees and the ridges in the ground - that the ghostly form of the red tree made itself apparent. A little manipulation helped to bring out its colours, thence its shape.
Toilet block, Dargaville, North Island. One thing you have to say about toilet blocks in New Zealand, they are not ugly brick houses. Not only that, they are invariably clean and supplied with paper. This one is in Dargaville, by the muddy Wairoa river in Northland of North Island.
Included because it's such an unlikely view of a country that is known by its stereotypes. This is Singapore, believe it or not,  on the island of Pulau Semakau. It shows the remains of a pier at fishing village that had been deemed surplus to requirements.
Although New Zealand has the dubious and surprising distinction of having some of the most polluted streams in the world, thanks to sloppy agricultural practice, they are often beautiful and tranquil like this peaceful creek near French Pass, South Island.
From a magical short trip through a temperature inversion near Müllheim, Germany. This is a combination of three misty images: one in Luminosity, another in Hard Light mode. Couldn't have been shot without image stabilisation (Sony A900) as the shots were made from a moving car.
There was a time I couldn’t pass a herd of animals without trying to capture a sense of their rhythmic placement over a landscape - it’s still a powerful attractant for me. Here, I stopped the Land Rover and dashed up the opposite side of the valley when I saw the herd in Anatolia, Turkey. The light was lovely and it was one shot I had to get. I had missed so many already on the pointless rush through Turkey.
A view of long white clouds rolling off the mainland as seen from Motuara Island, a bird sanctuary in Queen Charlotte Sound. A picture which illustrates the meaning of the Maori name of Aotearoa for New Zealand: land of the long white cloud or white, also land of the long day - a tribute to New Zealand’s light.
Dawn, Costa Chica, Mexico. I braved walking through the commuter lines of a hornet's nest to get to the coast, and was glad I did. I was running out of film, and shot only two or three versions. This one was sold to Air France for a cover, which nearly paid for the whole trip to Mexico. 18 April 1978