Colourful prep in the kitchen, made on iPhone 5 with Hipstamatic using one of my pre-sets: Tinto 1884 + DreamCanvas
In the lobby of the Jumeirah Towers Hotel in Dubai - remembrance of a very pleasant stay.
Tea cup on skillet on gaudy table cloth with a 'flash' from Hisptamatic.
The delightful light and shadow play on the upper deck of our house.
View of one of our favourite beaches - Cheltenham - with Rangitoto dominating the horizon.
Play of light, colours and reflections in lazy afternoon in Barcelona.
What happens when you take a camera every where with you. What photographers when they go to the ...
Fruit bowl minding its own business in rare ray of London sunlight.
What photographers do when waiting for a train in Milan. Play with Hipstamatic settings.
Making a virtue of limited dynamic range by blowing out the highlights - reflections in collander.
A sweet old man wonders what we're doing fossicking around 'his' church. Somewhere in Marche.
Sailing into Brindisi from Greece: thinking what it might have been like for Frederick returning from the crusade.
What photographers do when they're napping on a Greek beach (here, on Paros) ... work.
Reflection of a Parisian summer evening in the bills tray of a restaurant. Excellent meal too!
What photographers do when sheltering from a downpour in Mornington Crescent tube ... work.
You think she's posing but it's just a lucky shot. It's unbelievable how much a sitting dog can move.
These shots are not so easy to reproduce on a big camera as they depend on the exit pupil being close to the subject.
  Half the battle is choosing the right 'film' and 'lens' combination for the subject. That's why I enjoy Hipstamatic.
Our home is a constantly changing studio. I only have to keep my wits about me.