Feeling for Light

Fern in Kahikatea forest. In a wonderful stretch of native bush not far from Auckland is a wonderful stand of kahikatea trees which grow slim, tall and amazingly straight trunks from marshy land. In the small patches of sunlight, ferns grow from the trunks.
An extremely unusual shot for me: it required long set-up and fiddling about with lights. A crucial decision was to not use flash for any of the lighting. The glow on the model came from a bit of 'burn-in' given by opening the door to the model’s left for a few seconds.
Train coming into town, Auckland. A glorious sky, lights of Auckland's city business district and a handily passing train with helpful headlights: a recipe for a gorgeous shot of Auckland. One of our favourites.
Kiva dust. Sunlight burns down into a kiva, a small chamber underground used for meetings and ceremonies, in Pecos National Park, near Santa Fe. A bit of judicious kicking up of the dust helps define the beam of light.
Children push out little boats glowing with candles into the lake and the night with the Udapur Palace Hotel glowing in the background during Diwali. At the end of a long day, I had suddenly to work as if completely fresh: here was the main shoot of the day. 1 Nov 2005
Diwali on lake, Udaipur, The composition reveals how hard it was to focus: the lady is right in the centre because it was easiest to focus on her that way. The framing should instead point more towards camera right.
A sound and light show in the Alcatraz, Cordoba. We went for a quiet night stroll in the gardens but found the place crawling with people. The security guards were not happy at my slipping past them to get the shot. I'd been there during the day and knew how to sneak into this vantage point
Art in the Dark
A girl waits for her family to catch up with her before adding her contributions of light to the shrines and into the water during Diwali Celbrations, Udaipur, India 2005.
Front porch of home, Georgetown, Guyana. Shot without thinking (hmm; maybe should do less thinking) as we passed a grand house, all fenced up, on our way back – through roads we were warned not to walk along –to our hotel. (The Cara House, with its maddening constantly yapping dog).
From a magical short trip through the temperature inversion in Müllheim, Germany: a combination of three misty images: one in Luminosity, the other in Hard Light mode. Couldn't have been shot without image stabilisation as the shots were made from a moving car.
Just a delightful, quiet moment during our lovely stay in Barcelona in a lovely apartment with two crucial qualities - beautiful light (this is late afternoon, the best time), and fast Broadband!
I nearly didn't bother to sit by the window as I thought the plane would head straight out to sea from Brisbane to Auckland. I was SO wrong. I bagged at least three lovely shots into the sun in the seven minutes we ran along the coast.