Tom Ang

Photography Judging

Improve your chances when entering photo competitions! Essential reading if you judge on photography competitions and for judging your own work.



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What You Will Learn With This eBook

A practical manual for judging photography in any context. From international competitions, awards and salons to personal projects and educational institutions, it is a unique source of information, and discussion points.This book is a long answer to these questions.


How do you judge a photograph?


What is a good photo?


How do I win photo competitions?


How can I spot a great shot from thousands of others?

Improve your chances when entering photography competitions

  • key reading and reference material for those who wish to enter their images to photography competitions or concourss.
  • comprehensive handbook for those who have the responsibility to judge photographic entries for awards or prizes.

If you are a photography judge, this book aims to give you all the information you need to perform your duties with skill, flair, and fairness. With the thousands of competitions, prizes, awards, concourses and tournaments that take place around the world, there is a pressing need for a clear, authoritative manual to guide photo-judges.

From visual exercises section.

Look at the wide-ranging content!

  • Practical matters
  • Essentials
  • How to win prizes in competitions
  • Five Levels of Appreciation
  • Judging image aesthetics
  • Technical dimensions
  • Panel sequencing
  • Visual exercises
  • Image manipulation
  • Scoring systems
  • Competition rules
  • Disqualifications
  • Giving feedback
  • References

Tom handles the wide-ranging, all-inclusive view of photography better than anyone else.

– Michael Freeman

Tom Ang has a wonderful way of explaining quite complex subjects in a simple yet meaningful way - the mark of a natural teacher.

– OliverG

Ang is complete...but never too technical, always detailed and readable.

– geMack

Who is Tom Ang?

Tom is a leading authority on digital photography, and one of the world’s best known photography authors with over 30 books to his credit. He has lectured at university, presented TV series on photography and travels worldwide giving workshops.

Tom wrote the best-selling ‘Digital Photographer’s Handbook’, one of the first handbooks on digital photography and, ever popular, is now in its 6th edition. His ‘Digital Photography Masterclass ‘won two awards and his 'Photography - the definitive visual history' was chosen as #1 in 2016’s best photography books. He has judged some of the most prestigious awards such as the Sony World Photography Awards, the Hamdan International Photography Award and Wildlife Photographer of the Year. A university lecturer in photography for many years, he has taught workshops worldwide, from Cape Town to Manila, Dubai to Auckland.