‘Photography – the definitive visual history’

After my first couple of books, someone asked me – not without something of a sneer – how many books on photography can a man write? ‘One’, I answered. And nearly 30 books later, my answer was still ‘One’. All are chapters or revisions or new editions. But with this, my 30th book, my answer is now ‘Two’. For this history of photography is completely different from all my other photography books.

But, like all the others, I’ve poured my love and enthusiasm for photography into this book. By not approaching the subject as an art historian, but as a photographer, I could concentrate on what I think photographers are interested in. People. Society. Technology. And, above all, wonderful, fabulous, great photographs: how they were made, what makes them great.

So this book has over a thousand images. It describes the development of key technologies like the very first production camera (the Daguerreotype), the Nikon F, Kodachrome, iPhone in detail no other history of photography even attempts. There are numerous analyses of key images from ‘The Kiss’ to the ‘Raising the flag on Iwo Jima’ to the Foetus (sucking thumb) and from the 9/11.

Rather than say any more, allow me to quote reviews that came after only about a month after publication:

‘Spectacular from front to back. Highly recommended for anyone who appreciates photography. It is a bargain and a treasure at the same time!’

“But how can one find fault with such an impressive, comprehensive book?”

‘… Ang’s judgments as to which photos to include is impeccable. … ‘this is an excellent book, a treat to read and own, and a wonderful gift for anyone with even the vaguest interest in the subject matter.’

“Not only … a beautifully bound coffee table book, but a thoroughly researched and thoughtfully presentation of the art of photography,”

“This is a definitive book on the history of photography that can be a reference guide in universities, libraries, or museums. It is the perfect bond of informative text and compelling visual aides.”

“Tom Ang has put together an encyclopedia of photography in one marvelous book. … The information in this book is so massive, and so interesting that there were many times that I found myself rereading a section. … While the listing says, “must-have for anyone who appreciates the beauty of photography,” I would say that this is a must have, period. If you love history, if you love art, you will love this book.”

“A glorious book, one every art lover, photography enthusiast and historian will be delighted with.”

“… at the current selling price, this book is a steal and a must have for anyone who loves photography”

Enough; you make me blush.

You can buy this from online stores of course, but I encourage you to order it from your local bookstore. It may cost more, but you love your local store don’t you? Support them. Buying from them keeps them in business (and I earn more too!). Thanks