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This was the first book commissioned by Dorling Kindersley. it proved to be a surprise big-selling title, reprinting even before the publication date. It’s been translated 
into at least twenty different languages, including Chinese and Japanese. It even enjoys the back-handed 
complimented of being pirated in a bound, photocopied edition in South-East Asia (so I’ve been told). And it has been adopted as a course textbook in many institutions. Way to go! That is what 
I had in mind when I wrote the book.

It is now in a 5th 
edition with a total clean-up of layout, vastly up-dated contents with topics such as RAW processing which were twinkles in the eye of professionals at the beginning. Naturally, there are huge up-dates of advice on buying cameras and accessories.

I put pretty much everything I knew into the book, although a lot had to be cut out or it would have been 
twice its already considerable 408-page length. The most popular sections have been the Quick-Fix pages, 
which I invented for this book (but probably saw something similar somewhere).

Thank you, readers, for the feed-back I’ve seen on Amazon and elsewhere over the years. It has put into planning and writing for this newest revision.

By the way, the UK and English-language edition has a different cover; contents are identical.


The first chapter takes you through Core Skills such as composition, movement blur, colour, exposure metering.

The second chapter has proved very popular: Photography Projects covers main subject areas and genres with lots of hints and tips.

Image Development, the third chapter, is a biggie and covers image enhancement as well as many image manipulations without going into too much detail but to give you a flavour and bare-bones of what you need to try the techniques out.

The fourth chapter covers Showing and Sharing your images through the Internet or printing. The fifth is a Buying Guide which deals with classes of cameras and major accessories, so it will not date too quickly. Finally, a chapter that is hard to find anywhere: Going Further covers topics such as attending courses to learn more, setting up professionally and exhibiting work. Nothing too detailed, but enough to get you started and thinking. Finally there are plenty of fruther reading and website suggestions to keep you busy too.



As a reference, it’s superb. As a general read, you can’t turn a page without learning something new about making good digital pictures. Here’s an incredible sequence of guidance, facts, advice, and how-to suggestions on the subject of photography. Ang is complete…but never too technical, always detailed and readable…and he includes a countless variety of his own masterful color shots (geMack)

This is a great reference book that I will be referring to as I expand my photography experience into new fields. (Ekul)

I recommend it to my students and for those of us seeking advancement in the photographic digital skills. All together “SPOT ON”. (Hank)

Ang is a very talented photographer and this lushly printed… volume is crammed with his work, but he’s also a very good teacher.  … I can’t recommend this one highly enough. (MichaelSmith)

Excellent reference book for intermed+ , not Photog 101. (jeanne425)

I have a previous edition of this book and it is my bible. Great for reference for both new and experienced photographers. Tom Ang is a master. (KCaldwell)

Great all around book for the beginner (Marc12974)

Beautifully done – Excellent content – I use it in my class… It is a must read for a variety of levels of experience. My classes contain many diverse students … All are quite satisfied with this 400+ page work of art. (wilson99)

Buy Digital Photographer's Handbook from Amazon

Sample pages

And here are some sample pages – showing there are masses of new images. Enjoy!


Buy Digital Photographer's Handbook from Amazon

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