DK Tom Ang’s Digital Photography

Step by step, picture by picture, with Tom Ang’s Digital Photography app to hand, you’ll soon be taking pictures you can be proud of, wherever you are, whatever your situation.

It crams an amazing 85 tutorials into one slim app! Based on Tom’s hugely popular book, How to Photograph Absolutely Everything, this is the app that shows you how to photograph any subject you might encounter, with 85 fantastic guides, all in a simple step-by-step format.

With three ways to search for content and clear instructions within each guide, this is the most handy, comprehensive and user-friendly photography app on the market. No matter what camera you use, and whatever your level of expertise, Tom’s inspiring images and jargon-free guidance will take your photography to the next level!


– Video introduction from Tom Ang, setting you on the path to photographic success
– The complete search function allows you to flick though each of the 85 guides and access the huge amount of content this app has to offer:
– Browse by subject: people, landscapes, nature, animals, architecture, events and artistic expression.
– Browse by filter: in a unique spinner format, select your subject, conditions and style and be whisked to the right guide (or guides) for your shot.
o Search by keyword – have a question about ‘light trails’? Search for the words and find yourself at the guide that will help.
– Step by Step: Walking you through each stage of the process to get that perfect shot. Tom’s tips make it possible to take a great photo, every time.
– Settings: This tab allows you to tap and reveal the suggested camera settings for each shot
– See also: Suggested alternative guides to help and inspire. Tap on any one of the suggestions and you’ll be taken to that guide.
– Tap on any photo and see it in detail on the full screen – pinch the screen to zoom in for close-ups.
– Bookmark: Add your favorite guides to your bookmarks page and get the advice you need at the tap of the screen.
– Glossary: There may be some photography terms that you’re not familiar with – never fear! The glossary will help.

Only US$4.99 from the iTunes store. Here’s the iTunes Preview page.

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