Digital Photography Essentials

(‘Digital Photography Step by Step’ in UK)

Digital Photography EssentialsOriginally intended as the ‘New Digital Photographers’s Handbook’, this book transformed itself into another kind of book – a summary of pretty much everything you need to know on the art and craft of digital photography all in one book.

We are truly proud of this title as it’s developed both from the fertile innovations and popular ideas of the past, but looks to the future with its modular layout designed to transfer easily to e-book, smartphone and tablet formats. After an interval of one book which carried none of my pictures, this one has literally hundreds of new images taken in Singapore, USA, Guyana, Italy, France, UK and New Zealand (nah; I don’t travel as much as some other photographers).


We’ve taken presentation techniques which have proved popular in previous titles and put them all into this basket. Picture analysis spreads which delve into a picture and its creation in detail. Step-by-stpe sequences for picture manipulation. Quick-fix charts which show how to tackle common problems. Throughout, there are many comparison shots so you can easily compare alternate settings, filters or approaches. And a new feature: visual tool-kits that show the range of results possible using different techniques.

>A big new feature, which some photographers will love, some will not welcome, is a section on digital video. The fact is that all modern cameras offer video. When you decide you wish to use the features, there’s already a chapter in this book that will help you get going.

>At 360 pages, with hundreds of brand-new photographs and illustrations, it’s a bargain – especially at on-line prices!

>In the US, this book is called ‘Digital Photography Essentials’, in the rest of the English-speaking world it is ‘Digital Photography Step By Step’. (Don’t ask ….)


  • Quick-start in photography
  • Commanding photo-technique
  • Mastering subject
  • Optimising work-flow
  • Enhancing images
  • Manipulating images
  • Sharing images
  • Making movies
  • Equipment resources



>Incidentally, the re-working of the New Digital Photographer’s Handbook is now completed and published as the 5th edition of the Digital Photographer’s Handbook.



  • It’s invaluable to a serious enthusiast, and great for a pro too. I would say this book is essential to the library of any modern digital photographer! (LeeHawkins)
  • A fantastic book for the beginner photographer. Tom Ang has a wonderful way of explaining quite complex subjects in a simple yet meaningful way – the mark of a natural teacher. … although this book is perfect for a beginner, it is by no means lacking in advanced content.(OliverG)
  • Like vaving a Pro Photographer on call … a good book to keep on the shelf, and whenever you need advice from your own personal pro, just pull “Essentials” off of the shelf and dig in. (Spudman)
  • I have been teaching photography for over a decade. In my opinion this is the yet the best available source for the newcomer … (Ialezo)
  • … packed with so much information, it can be dizzying. (Larraine)
  • Gives excellent advice to a photographer who understands the basics, and step by step helps one to become more proficient. (HHKilgour)
  • I … love its simplicity…..very clear and precise…the jargon is explained and helps you to feel more confident when you are out and about with your camera (DTAbeson)
  • It is simply superb …  The author as someone else said is a natural teacher. There are a couple of things I had never really had explained well before and his thoughtful descriptions just made them clear. (Telthecelt)
  • Thanks Tom for another job well done. (PatDis)

Sample pages

Here are some sample spreads to show you the range of material that we’ve crammed into the book. Some spreads feature as many as twenty images, all showing something useful.


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