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Photography core subjects

In September 2012 I decided, almost on a whim, that I should attend Photokina, the world’s largest photography trade fair. I hadn’t been for several years and some instinct told me I should attend. First of, I’ll say that my vote for best display was that of Leica’s. Most of it was a splendid hotch-potch […]

Ten Pillars of Photography

More people throughout the planet have access to photography than ever in its history. From their ranks, hundreds of thousands of keen photographers aspire to ever-higher levels of skill and some to make a career in the art. Of course, you don’t have to be highly skilled to enjoy photography and find it highly rewarding. […]

USA and Guyana Shoot

The next book called for 1000 brand-new, specially-shot illustrations. Although I have useful sets from working with SONY, from the TV series in Singapore and a crazy chateau party in France, I needed more. We planned to shoot in USA, then Nicaragua but a week before we were to leave…