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The dimensions of photography

Those who understand photography as essentially a two-dimensional medium – width and depth – impose unnecessary limitations on themselves. And they miss out a lot of the fun. In fact, the way you to develop your own visual style, is to recognise that every time you photograph, you are operating in no fewer than seven […]

Judging pictures and time travel

Earlier in January I was in Dubai on the jury of the Hamdan International Photography Award (HIPA). While there, I gave a talk, on the 14th, about judging photographs. It was a contentious topic and I did not want to be drawn into specifics of judging photography awards. While of course there is common ground between some, the differences are […]

Who owns copyright on photos you buy?

I’ve been following Quora for the same reason I encourage visitors like you to ask questions. I like to know what intrigues, puzzles or fascinates those interested in photography; and I like to know the things they don’t understand. And it helps me to take the time to answer some. So here’s one, edited to be general: […]

Rise of the smartphoto

Thousands words have been spilled, spat out and spun on the rise and rise of smartphone photography. It even has its own moniker: iphoneography. Galleries show them, even museums take notice. And it’s only the first morning of the revolution, as it were. So, I thought, why don’t I stick in my tripod leg too? […]